A New Frontier: Integrating Behavioral and Digital Technology to Promote Health Behavior

3 Type 2 BACB CEUs

Course completion includes reading the Dallery et al., 2014 article and completing the quiz to 100% accuracy.

Abstract: Modifiable behavioral risk factors such as cigarette smoking, physical inactivity,and obesity contribute to over 40% of premature deaths in the USA. Advances in digital and information technology are creating unprecedented opportunities for behavior analysts to assess and modify these risk factors. Technological advances include mobile devices, wearable sensors, biomarker detectors, and real-time access to therapeutic support via information technology. Integrating these advances with behavioral technology in the form of conceptually systematic principles and procedures could usher in a new generation of effective and scalable behavioral interventions targeting health behavior. In this selective review of the literature, we discuss how technological tools can assess and modify a range of antecedents and consequences of healthy and unhealthy behavior. We also describe practical, methodological, and conceptual advantages for behavior analysts that stem from the use of technology to assess and treat health behavior.

Course Curriculum

A New Frontier: Integrating Behavioral and Digital Technology to Promote Health Behavior

What's included?

1 Quiz
1 Survey
Christen Russell
Christen Russell
Founder/Executive Director/BCBA

About the instructor

Christen is the Founder and Executive Director of ABC.  As a Board Certified Behavior Analyst, Christen’s clinical experience focuses on quality assurance, compliance, clinical support, business development and growth. She also works closely with leadership and management divisions on compliance, training and delivery of sound, ethical and effective behavioral supports to achieve client goals.

Christen has established and assisted with the startup, and/or growth and development of four agencies providing ABA services.  She has supervised 100s of staff, including BCBAs, BCaBAs, RBTs, and operations staff. 

She is a guest lecturer at Rutgers University Graduate School of Social Work, presenting on the principles and procedures of ABA.  As an ACE coordinator, Christen has created over 30 continuing education events.  She has provided consultation to teachers, parents, business owners and staff.


Christen sits on a Peer Review Committee and is a member of the Association for Professional Behavior Analysts and the OBM Network.  She has published articles on Developing Friendships, Sexuality and Autism and ABA through primary and secondary schooling.


Christen has her Master of Science in Psychology with a specialization in Applied Behavior Analysis. With  a focus on supervision, staffing, recruitment, training, strategic planning, and working in the field for over 19 years, Christen provides a broad spectrum of clinical expertise. 

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